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Stuck at the start of Resident Evil 4 NTSC.

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The problem is whenever I start Resident Evil 4, i get stuck at the start of the game (I think it's not even the start of the game). The page where it says that "no save game found on memory slot 1, do you want to create 1?" You see, I'm trying to select either no or yes but my controller doesn't seem to respond. Could this be a configuration problem? I can still see it still counting fps. Here are my specs:

OS: Windows XP sp3
CPU: AMD Phenom x4 2.3 Ghz 9600
Memory: 4 GB
GPU: Radeon HD 4650
PCSx2: 0.9.6

I think I had the same problem before with a different game. I just gave up on trying to play it. But I really like to play RE4. So, if anyone knows how to fix this, pls. help. thanks.
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yes. that i forgot to mention. i just finished playing ffx with the same settings.
Not to knock PCSX2, it's a GREAT emulator.... but imho you should ***definitely*** play RE4: Wii Edition with Dolphin because you can actually aim and accurately shoot with a MOUSE. With both the PS2 and the PC version of RE4, you're stuck keyboarding (The PC mouse hack is awful).
It's pretty bizare because I did test it before and it works perfectly, slow but perfectly, but that was because of the PC specs and not an emulation problem....
I got it working guys. On the controller plugin settings, I just unchecked use analog mode whenever possible . My controller might not have support for analog or something. thanks for the replies.
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