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stuck at "please wait a while...." in fire red/ leaf green trade

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okay i know im probably gonna get yelled at but ive been working on this for a while and have been getting past all the bumps in the road until now. so im trying to trade the original three pokemon to me on the same computer. im using vba link. i can see both guys in the union room or whatever. when i go to propose the trade though. it stops at "please wait a while...." and doesnt get past that. anyone have any suggestions? any help is greatly appreciated. ive been working on this all day and have slowly been figuring it out myself until now. thanks!!
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both instances of the emulator must maintain atleast 95% emulation speed to remain synched.
is there a way to achieve this? because it looks like im not lol
enable automatic frameskipping, and set the priority for both instances to above normal.
thanks!! its really on and off though about staying over 95 and working. is there anything else i can do to make it better? it seems like its just working by chance:(
you could increase the priority in task manager as well which will have the app override any other running tasks for cpu usage.
okay ill try that out. well i got done what i wanted after enough tries but ill try that next time. thanks so much i really appreciate it!!
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