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I have a problem running VBA on linux , I can't get the image to fit the screen just right

I have 2 computers with VBA running
the 1st is a windows box , using the gui I enabled stretch to fit and set the resolution to 1600x1200 and use the lq2x filter with directdraw
the image has no border everything is fine

on the 2nd computer (this one is connected to a tv and runs linux)

if I use only -F , the video is screwed up (too low resolution for tv)
if I use -2 -F this image is less than 50% of the screen surface
if I use -3 -F it's almost ok , there's still a thick border , about 3 inch on the 33 inch tv
and with -4 -F it's too big , vertically it fits but horizontally I missing parts of the image to the left and right
also if I use any filter the -# parameter gets locked to 2 , if I use -4 --filter=13 it's the same as if I type -2 --filter=13

when I start the program it says "searching for vba-over.ini" "not found"
so I took the vba.ini from the windows box and put it in the current directory and now vba finds it but it ignore stretch=1 (I think it ignore every parameters in the file even if it finds it , probably a file for the gui only)

so the best I can do is with "-3 -F" with no filtering and black borders around the image , any ideas on how to do better ?
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