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street racing game?

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Is there a game out there yet that accurately mimics street racing, with the ability, to mod your car, get cool paint jobs, rims, the works (like GT2 but that handles more like NFS), registers damage, and allows you to race through traffic AND closed circuits. I know this isn't totally unreasonable on todays systems...but i'm hoping a PC game like this is out there, but any system will do. If there is one, is it any good? Thanks
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Midnight Club 2 is a street racing game that i found fun...but i haven't played it enough to know if you can customize your crap...i don't think you can...nothin like the smell of nitrous oxide in the middle of the night...
Yeah. I've been looking for a good Street Racing game too. Haven't found any that is worth getting yet. There were a few games I saw. "Illegal Street Racing" is one of em. Does anyone have this game? and is it good?
they've already had 6? man the times have passed...i used to play 3...the original hot pursuit for PSX...then they ahd the lambourgni one and hot pursuit 2...i guess it is time for 7
Lamborghini one or Porche one?

Another game that I may suggest is Midtown Madness. I am not sure if you can customize your car but IIRC you can unlock various paintjobs fro different cars.
Porche Un leashed was what i was thinkin i think
How 'bout the Tokyo Extreme Racer/Tokyo Highway Challenge/Shotoku Battle series? They have all you asked for, except for 2 things: damage model and closed circuit racing. TXR 1 and 2 are for the DC; TXR 0 is for the PS2; Shotoku Battle Online (beta, JP only) is for the PC.
So far , the Porsche unleashed impressed me the most , espcially at Monte Carlo :)
e-racer (too bad its online function doesn't work anymore) features a few awesome street tracks too...
Gran Turismo 3. :p

Actually I dont think there is a racer game like that you have mentioned yet. The closest, enjoyable game would be Midnight Club 2 but it doesnt allow for tuning your cars.
I'm talking about for PC guys. Is there any good "GT3" calibur street racing games for PC? Tweaks and tuning? Paints and speed tests?
I agree. On the PC, the closest is NFS5. No real 'street racing' feel though, because you don't really get too much traffic... well... only on single player mission mode, if I'm not mistaken. However, if you include *rally*games, then yeah the tuning options are limitless :p

For consoles, I think the TXR series is as close as you get. Race on a highway, various tuning options, paint jobs. No damage model though.
I am kinda confused. Why don't Midtown Madness qualify?
hmm i'm really looking forward to NFS7. guess in the meantime i'll try out NFS5 and continue playing NFS4 :D EA is gonna suck my wallet dry...
If you like playing online, "Need For Speed: Motor City" is a street racing game that lets you do all that you said.
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If you like playing online, "Need For Speed: Motor City" is a street racing game that lets you do all that you said.
Motor City is good. It has tweaks and paints for your cars, but there are only old muscle cars available. I want more car selections.
Metropelis street racer for DC if u have one has some nice music and lots of tracks
Originally posted by Fawad
I am kinda confused. Why don't Midtown Madness qualify?
that's more like driver and crazy taxi then like a true street racer.
The most basic street racing game like that is something called "tokyo extreme racer" you can modify basicly everything and anything... excepct the car names. which is really [email protected], but its a very good game. its an old psx game. to bad they didnt make another one for ps2. no other games that i have seen let you modify the car in that much detail. midnight club 2 is also quite fun.
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