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street fighter third strike won't start

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i think the problem might be the image file. I have all the bios and such, and it starts up fine, but can't seem to read the image. is it because it's in .cdi format?
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You have to have Cd Emulation program like Alcohol120% , Daemon't Tools and mount your image file with this program then config Chankast to read from your emulated drive.

P.S. If game still won't works, maybe you game is not Self Boot image, so you have to make it selfboot.

Search Chankast forum (you can find a link at chankast website) for more information.
:( HEY man, i have the exact same problem. and i tried to make it selfboot but i cant seem to copy the files from it. like when i load it in alcohol, it loads but wen i try to access it, i get the message that it might be corrupted. I get the i/o error wen i load chankast. maybe it might just be the file. Please HELP us cuz its driving me CRAZY!!! 3rd stike is the best Street FIghter EVER (IMO)

PS: No, its not becuz its in .cdi format cuz the other game i have, capcom vs snk 2 is in .cdi & it works real good!
That I/O problem came from compatibility problem between CD Emulator program and Chankast itself.

Try using Daemon's Tools ver 3.29 (I'am not sure about version number cause I can't check it now) but if version of DT is right I'am pretty sure that your problem will be gone.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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