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I've just seen that movie. not good,but not bad also. Still the best SF movie is 2

This was only 45 minutes length, although it sounds small it's still bigger than those new kof animes.

Art : 7/10
Some momenst made me wonder who was the artist since I liked his work. Other times (Most of times actually) I saw the worst ever drawings :S

Music : 4/10
Anotehr weak point here. Sometimes it amde me think i'm in the middle of an indian movie ^^"

Fighting style : 7.5/10
Great. The techniques were so well used and u don't see stupid camera angles and less light (Ala Alien vs predator unexplained fight scenes :p ). But still they were inspired by the strange (non SF world) projectile explosions from SF alpha anime. Where a single hadouken can shatter buildings and and...

Animation : 7/10
Again that was a mixed bag. Sometimes I thought the animation was well done, other times I thught this was a low budget movie (Flash home made movies anyone).

Fan service : 8/10
I know you were waiting for this all you hungry fans of anime babes. (I know you are there Kirby :evil: ). Once again a cheap scene was inserted as in most animes to satisfy fan needs. I was going to put a 10 for this (since the art was very well done in that scene ^^"), but it lost 2 points because :
a) Well there was nothing major to watch (You'll know why when you see it. Spoiler.)
b) Unoriginallity is replayed once again. Why do all babes have to take their clothes off in bathrooms only :p ?

Storyline : 7/10
This was probably based on the mangas, as new features to the SF wolrd was added and extra new characters. Once again Ryu has to fight his inner will to reach Dark Hadou, the ultimate power for a martial artist to achieve. He returns to his old dojo in the anniversary of his master death. But past would never leave him alone (You know what I mean already). I gave it 7/10 just because i hated the Dark Hadou insertion in the previous SF anime. Also some secrets are reveled finally so expect some nice moments.

Overall : Nearly 7/10
Watch if you are a SF fan only.

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seen this movie
It sucked big time
I give it a 6 at most
i agree that the animation was good in some parts, but then it was bad in the rest.
Street Fighter alpha was much much cooler, and I liked the whole Dark Hadou thingy, it gave meaning to the whole street fighter story.

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cloudvii great review , :thumb:
i did not like SF generations , you are right man about the indian movie feeling , the animation was okay a bit above avarage ,
Music...? is that what you called it ? :cuss2:
simple story how gouki became akuma,(ohh Phhlease)
there are two things i liked about this anime
1.Sakura (Super cute , BUT no as cute as Yuri) :wub:
2.Ryo was in diffrent clothes , it was breif but nice
at first i was like, who the F*** is that, after 15 second i realized,
i preffer watching KOF another day
yes cloudvii i can feel your pain i realize that the credits are longer than the anime itself , but its still nice to see kof made into something new
and the ending song is pretty good
well lets hope SNK are doing better job on MI2 and KOFXII :thumb:

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Yeah I was shocked to see Ryu in different clothes. It fit him well, btw ;) .
I also thought that young Akuma looked alot like Ryo from Art of fighting :S

I really hope to see SNK making more classics. Maybe Garou 2, Last Blade 3 or even AOF4 (Yuri with a new big sprite ^_^)

Side note : I miss you Spirit on MSN. You are one of the rarest whom I enjoy talking about fighters with ^^"

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is out already? wow will have to... try and watch it
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