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Strategy RPG

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Im a fan of Strategy RPGs since i played Tactics Ogre for the SNES, i actually all the script for the Chaos Route from a site, and played it in Japanese. Now i got the Tactics Ogre for the PSX and i enjoy been actually able to read what they are saying.

And last year Nippon Ichi has brought Strategys RPG back with Phantom Brave, Rapucell Tactics and others.

So i was wondering what every one else thought about Strategy RPGs.
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The first SRPG I ever played was Shining Force on the Sega Megadrive / Genesis, and I loved it. I loved Shining Force 2 even way more. But that's about where my "love" for SRPGs ends. I could never really get into Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics, and I'm not really interested in the newer GBA titles of the genre either. I wasn't running hot for The Shining Force Gaiden series on the Gamegear and Sega CD / Mega CD either, as those and the likes lack in RPG qualities.

I have a severe aversion against traditional Turn-based and Real-Time Strategy games. Which even goes as far as getting me bored during the IceWind Dale RPGs.. It reminded me too much of strategy games.. :heh:

Suffice it to say, my lack of interest has deterred me from finding out about other lesser known SRPGs. What I do know is that there are lots of SRPG lovers on this messageboard. :p
Well I just started playing Bahamut Lagoon on Zsnes and it's pretty damn cool. Final Fantasy Tactics happens to be my favorit game. Tactics Ogre and Ogre Battle for the playstation are also a very good games. I can't say I care too much for any of the portable games.
FFT for the GA and the Tactic Ogre Games that went for the GA too are not really good games. I n the other hand the new games from Nippon Ichi are quite good and the series can be tracked down all the way to the PSX
My favorite SRPGs come down to 2 sagas: Shining Force and Fire Emblem... if you haven't tried the later I suggest that you give FEVII (badly released as FE) a try. It's a superb game...
in general, i like strategy games. in a lot of them, battles are made too lengthy and boring however.
shining force series was fun, fftactics was great too. i also liked the arc the lad series, and front mission 3 was also enjoyable. but, i've also played crappy ones like hoshigami and vandal hearts 2.
so i guess like every other genre, there's the great, the good, the bad and the ugly.
I really enjoy the lenghtly battles in strategy games. I mean, asides from the plot, it's all about the battles.:p You really have to like strategy games to play them. They're definately not for everybody.
Dragon Force is my all time favorite SRPG, besides that i never really gave the genre much chance with the exeption of Front Mission 3 and FFT(wich i played only becouse it is a FF title).
I'm currently playing Shining Force.
like klatch my first srpgs were the two shining force games (for sega genesis anyways) both of which i loved and played through many times, final fantasy tactics was ok as well but i think SF was the better game really. I played fire emblem, feda, tactics ogre, and the like but i never really got into them
well it is like this i like strategy games and i like RPGs but a combination of both is rarely successful!
i have played kingdom under fire on the xbox i loved it. war craft 3 is also some where of a strategy/RPG and it was a great game.
If you can read japanese, you should try Super Robot War by Banpresto. It's a great SRPG. And I'm playing the newest one call SRW original taisen 2 on GBA and I really love it :wub: .
Final Fantasy Tactics was awesome I think. Front Mission games were okay too.
Im not a very big fan of SRPGs mostly cause usually you dont have very much freedom in them, but a few are good, I like FFT and the Vandal Hearts games alot
I loved Final Fantasy Tactics. I also played Advance Wars, which was kinda ghey, as there only seemed to be a few ways to beat the story battles.
Like most we got drawn in by Ogre Battle (SNES) and the Shining Force series (Sega), We currently have the PS2 SRPG La Pucelle and Phantom Brave on the "to play" list, and are giving FFTactics GBA a whirl. We really need to get back to Dark Wizard (Sega CD) though
Nippons SRPGs are pretty good, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is my favorite of their titles.

One game that I suggest you DONT play is Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Terrible battle system IMO and a lame plot.

Right now I'm playing Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne for PS2 and it rocks! the only downfall is no voice overs but it's still awesome.
Heh heh. I just started playing Dragon Quarter a couple days ago. It doesn't seem THAT bad. Nothing wrong with the battle system either, as it plays a lot like Arc the Lad: TotS. As for the plot, well, its not quite as powerful as BoF3/4 so far, but I'll judge that in greater detail as I get farther in the game.
right now I am playing phantom brave , It is kinda addicting I love going into low level dungeons with lots of levels , it is the easiest way to get good stuff Imo .
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