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To plugins developers :

I don't know if I'm alone in this case, but sometimes after a new version of a GPU plugin, the emu is slower than before (1 or 2 fps).

I found a turnaround : to delete all the registery keys related to ePSXe, PSXexecutor, and Vision Thing (under HKey_Curent_User\Software\Microsoft) and re-installing everything.

This pb occurs not so often so I can't find why but it happens.

Could someone explain that?

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chp, are you certain that it's the result of the new plugins? There's no chance that your configuration (be it both hardware and software) is somehow different between the times you tested the plugins? Every now and again I'll discover that my FPS count is simply dismal, so I'll exit out and take a look at Task Manager. Lo and behold, there's some errant processes that aren't supposed to be there (they're called "zombies" under UNIX, I don't know if Windows has a particular name for them). After I close them and start ePSXe back up, I'm back to my normal performance.

Of course, conversely, this can be caused by the newer plugins using unoptimized calls (this is especially true when you're making use of options that didn't exist previously). As was the case with the GPU set that Pete recently released he optimized (probably using assembly) some function calls to DirectX / OpenGL. This can sometimes gain a signifigant speed boost. So, all in all, I'd say you'd do well to check to see that there's no misbehaving processes and, if possible, wait until the authors of the many fine S/GPUs take the time to optimize their code a bit more.
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