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last night my PC got some stupid problems, I also don't know how to explain it,lastnight I using a dial-up modem to connect my PC to internet about 3-4 hours, after that I disconnect it properly, however today when I try to connect to internet again, something wrong with my network connection (start>>all programs>>accesories>>network connection) my dial up connection become..."strange" the dial number become other number, not my ISP number and the username and password become "hidden" at first I try to delete that connection and create a new one, however after using the internet for about 5 minutes or more and disconnect it, voila, the nightmare comes again, I already try to scan virus using antivir, norton 2004, AVG, also I already try to search for spyware using spybot, but no virus or spyware found, anyone know the solution? I know that is not dangerous, but thats very very annoying :hdbash: , that's mean evertime I want to surf the web, I have to create new connection, what the hell?

btw below is the screenshot of the problem, the first one is the dial up that suppose to be and the second is the messed up one... :(
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