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I have find some bugs and i would like to inform Dolphin team to this bugs.

First : In DirectX Plugin , there is this bug :

I think this bug is the same plugin problem.

Second :In both DirectX Plugin and OpenGL plug there is this bug :

Many flower like that (hyrule field , toal , water temple and some other places) are this same problem. And there is an other problem , in hyrule place or firone forest for example , normally there is grass to cut (like green wind waker grass) and they are invisible.

Third : In Direct X Plugin , there is a strange speed boost.

When you are in window mode , in the hyrule field , we are nearly 7 FPS and when i use fullscreen mode (1680*1050 resolution) , i go nearly 16 FPS in hyrule field , only in fullscreen mode . It's the same problem on the ice domain and some other place. so i think the hyrule field speed down problem can be solved.
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