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Storm Riders Online - Open Beta

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I was in a rush and didn't take any screenshots other than this one real quick. It's almost 6 am and I have work in awhile.

Storm Riders Online is a MMO based around the comic book series and movie of the same name. Ensuing Fantasy based asian history. The game has it's ups and down. I'll post a better review and screens later tonight. For now. Jump in. Let's all play together. (The amount of people playing seem very small right now)

Storm Riders Online
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that looks horrible lol no offense. come to hellscream in WoW zero!
Storm Riders Online

I play numerous and I do mean numerous MMO's. Open beta's, Closed Beta's, pay fors. This is one...that makes me hate that job..

Storm Riders: If you've seen the'll know what I mean, if not..go see it.
Interesting Clan system.

Poor Graphics
Boring and dull gameplay
Nothing new..
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wow it looks so crappy it makes me want to play it :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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