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Stop Messages! PLEASE HELP!

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I keep getting a stop message from windows 2000 nt it says...
Stop: 0x00000024 (bla ba)
Address 80412124 base at 80400000 Data Stamp 384d9b17-ntoskrnl.exe
can anyone help???
Its annoying the hell out of me!!:mad:
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Oh and sometimes it just stops and gives a message that it has been generating errors
It sounds like something may be corrupted. When's the last time you scanned for viruses? Also a run of defrag would be a good idea here too. Beyond that, sorry, I'm not familiar with this message.
I have scanned my drive a few times and found nothing...
I defragmented it... at first it seemed okay.
But after an hour or so it goes back to how it was!
It takes one HELL of an error to cause Win 2k to have a BSOD and that is exactly what you have. That stop error was generated by the ntfs file system so my guess is that you HDD has some bad sectors. To check this hit f8 on startup and select safe mode with command prompt. Wait a while for the console to appear then type "chkdsk c: /f /r" minus quotes where c: is the name of the disk in question.

If this proves to be wrong there are 2 more things to try. The ntfskrnl.exe may be currupt. Try reinstalling win 2k. If that doesn't fix it then backup everything and repartition using the win 2K setup NOT fdisk as Win 2k has problems with some HDD that have been partitioned using this.(This happens to me).

Hope that helps
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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