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Next-gen gaming, watch out, 'Stick Soldiers' are here.

Addicting gameplay
Breakthrough graphics
Amazing environemnts
Simultaneous 32 players on the screen without lag!

Soon to be implemented:
Online play


Seriously, If you loved Counter-strike, Quake, Worms and alike, check it out:

edit: the game doesnt go with a manual, so might as well post it here:
--- CONTROLS ---

Arrow Keys --- Move/Aim
Right Alt --- Jump
Space Bar --- Shoot Weapon
B --- Use Secondary
N & M --- Switch Weapon
Right CTRL --- Crouch
0 --- Use jetpack
Z --- Drop jetpack

X --- Slow-motion
F12 --- Take Screenshot
G --- Activate CDS (Collision Detection System)
Tilde (~) --- Use console
Tab --- Toggles active text; for FFA: toggles frag count and names of Bots

--- Console Controls ---
give armour --- Gives player 100% armor.*
give health --- Gives player 100% health.*
give jetpack --- Gives player jetpack with 100% fuel.*
give head --- Gives player head (if missing).*
give all --- Gives player jetpack, 100% armor & health, and all weapons*
god --- Toggles God mode (Invincibility)*
map <map save file> --- Loads an FFA match with five Bots on selected map
mute --- Toggle sound on/off
quit --- Instantly closes Stick Soldiers II.EXE
Botchat --- Toggle Botchat on/off*
maplist --- Lists all .SSMs in Data\Maps
map X Y Z --- X = map save file; Y = # soldiers; Z = FFA or Team
fraglimit X --- X = fraglimit #*

Map Editing Controls:
editor* --- Edit current map
mapname <map's name> --- Names the map
save <map's save file> --- Saves map
map <map's save file> <# of soldiers> [<team> or <ffa>] --- Loads a match with
custom # of soldiers
(max. 128)

* - Can only be used if console is accessed during a battle

--- WEAPONS ---

- Platinum
A powerful pistol which can fire off eight rounds before it needs reloading.
Ammo: 8
Delay between shots: Exceptional
Secondary: Reload (only when ammo=0)
Strength: 20% health, 10% armour

- M4 Carbine
Standard-issue M4 Carbine delivers moderately-damaging bullets with a good rate of fire. Best used against previously injured soldiers.
Ammo: 60
Delay Between Shots: Good
Strength: 12% health, 9% armour

- 12-gauge Shotgun
Deadly close-range combat weapon. Its decent spread and high-speed ammo makes this a very useful weapon for more mobile players.
Ammo: 8
Delay Between Shots: Average
Strength: 5%-80% health/armor

- Sniper Rifle
The addition of a laser sight and "zoom" mode have turned this ordinary .303 rifle into an incredibly deadly tool of destruction. Press the secondary fire key to activate zoom mode.
Ammo: 10
Delay Between Shots: Average
Secondary: Zoom Mode
Strength: 50% health/armour (my mod changes the health loss to 75%, like original SS)

- Bazooka
Big, green, and with one he!! of a payload, the Bazooka is perfect for use against groups of enemies. Explodes on impact.
Ammo: 5
Delay Between Shots: High
Strength: Random amount (distance from explosion) 1%-100% health/armour

- Grenade Launcher
Launches a deadly fragmentation grenade which explodes after 3 seconds.
Ammo: 10
Delay Between Shots: Average
Strength: Random amount (distance from explosion) 1%-100% health/armour

- Flamethrower
Remember the BBQ sauce! >:) This weapon will fry even an armor-clad opponent in seconds.
Ammo: 200
Delay Between Shots: Almost none
Strength: 1% rapid-loss health

- Uzi
The fastest firing weapon in Stick Soldiers 2, the Uzi can unleash a devastating spray of bullets among your enemy!
Ammo: 100
Delay Between Shots: Very low
Strength: 11%, 4%

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heh Kinda like a Soldat ripoff. :p Ill probably try it again when they add online play
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