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New Egg is selling Left 4 Dead for $27.99, FREE SHIPPING!

I put the link in the Left 4 Dead thread....

I purchased the Orange box and have an extra Half Life 2, Episode 1, and Death Match.

Does someone want it?

PM Me your steam name or e-mail.

I'm Paratech2008 on Steam if you wanna be friends....

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All the upgrades did were give certain classes a huge popularity jump for a couple weeks or months. Aside from very select weapons, most are just plain worthless ESPECIALLY in a competitive point of view.
You kidding?

Backburner, go through the sewers of 2fort and flank everyone from behind and get a good 5 kills almost automatically.

Flare gun - Shoot a demoman and see if he stands around and waits for anyone to get near his bombs.

New Needle Gun - This thing actually kills me

Sandwitch - For the heavy without a medic

Baseball - I kill heavies this way, man! As a scout!

Foce of Nature - Awesome gun

Natasha - I hate this stupid gun

Boxing Gloves - Love em' One hit kill with crits

Kritzkrieg - I hate it

Ubersaw - Love it, two hit kills

Axe-tinquisher - Love it, flare gun then hit q to switch while they're on fire for a one hit kill.

Soda - Best thing ever

What's not to like, here besides what is retarded?

Hello, sir.
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most are just plain worthless ESPECIALLY in a competitive point of view.

Scout weapons against any decent players will get you pummeled and destroyed.

Pyro is a **** class in the place - no one decent will bother to use it.

Heavies are very case-specific.

Medic's weapons needle gun and saw upgrades are good.

There is a reason why I attest this to competitive levels. In public servers, many people play like idiots and are plain bad. Any gun could be amazing. Heck, I went on a 103 killing spree with an engineer with a medic. Public servers will never indicate how useful something really is.
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