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I wish to port the standard C library over to my toy OS (stdlib.c, stdlib.h, stdio.h, stdio.c) now im trying to find the libstdc.c to use but it does not exist on my linux distribution , and i began to search the internet for standard C library files and could not find stdlib.c anywhere. Any tips as to where this may be?

Edit: i mean stdlib.c sorry lol im tired right now *correction*
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Get a copy of K&R's The C Programming Language while you're at it, since it helps a lot with understanding how standard string and IO functions work.

So what C Library are you trying to port? There's several open source implementations out there, and they shouldn't be expected to work if you mix code from them.

EDIT: Oh, Linux. So you're probably trying to port glibc. You can find the full source code via anonymous FTP at or HTTP at

The latest release is:

And the Porting guide:

Consider trying newlib while you're at it:

It's a much smaller standard C library implementation designed for use with GCC and embedded systems.
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