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I wish to port the standard C library over to my toy OS (stdlib.c, stdlib.h, stdio.h, stdio.c) now im trying to find the libstdc.c to use but it does not exist on my linux distribution , and i began to search the internet for standard C library files and could not find stdlib.c anywhere. Any tips as to where this may be?

Edit: i mean stdlib.c sorry lol im tired right now *correction*
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cool ill take a look into that newlib it seems interesting.

oh and for string.h and c i decided just to make my own it was easier, tho i had a problem with one function strncat it caused me a segmentation fault, then i decided to make a test program and use the real libc on linux and do the same scenerio and it caused linux console to get a segfault, im not sure why this is.
I was just testing appending a string onto another string to make sure the function i made worked since there was no string.c to check against.
When i reboot to linux ill make a post on what it was that crashed since my source files are on a ext2 partition, tho i wont be back til tomorow somtime im going to a friends house to hang out party and stuff, nothin to do on friday so partying is good idea get drunk stay out late^^.
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it came to me this morning when i decided to think it over i bet its cause the data for destination character array wasnt allocated big enough in ram. I will investigate later but i feel like going to sleep. Just came tomind in my slightly coming down drunken state, good night, err morning. lol
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