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Hello I'm from germany,
The emulation is a fine thing but it don't works^^##
I put a CD/DVD (of course the PS2 game) into the drive the prog beginns
and show the main screen where you can see browse and configuration.
I wait a minute....nothing happen.
I "click" on browse an there I can only see the 2 memory cards but no CD.
I have already triied it with an Iso but....
you see I have a problem^^

PLZ help I'm a noob in such things

(I'm in class 9 my english is quit bad^^#)

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make sure you are using the right plugin for Cdvd, we've had idiots on here putting original PS2 DVD's in their drives then using a cd image plugin to read it! which just doesnt work.

linuz iso plugin = for cd images (ripped from your ps2 discs etc), remember to goto the config menu and click cdvd and choose the image you want to load before clicking run cd or execute.

cdvd peops = For using with your DVD drive to read Original PS2 DVD's. you must remember to check your drive is selected in the cdvd config
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