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Stars wars ala KOF way

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I found this one as a signature for a user called "Robotron" at another forums.

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Maybe I'll have some talk with him then ^^
Hey you guys are using the old Light sabres Beta :p . The new ones have blood because fans wanted it :p .
Yes my regular sword worth nothing compared to these (I still like my sword though)
Anyway, I've asked Robotron about it, he said that he borrowed it from a guy called "Made of spam" from 1UP. After some searching for that guy the thing I've got is that his real name might be : "Joel Capwill" . Can't find his art anywahere though :( . Still searching ^^

Edit 1 : Ok found him. Although this one was very very good his other work didn't inspire me although it's very good animation wise.

Check the thread, it contains some good gifs here and there : here
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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