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Locked and Loaded.
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Before I get to my problem, I'd just like to say that this is the best StarFox I've played since StarFox 64... only the unreleased Starfox 2 on the SNES can compare, but of course these are my opinions and satisfy my taste in games. *cough*excellentmusicinassaultisone*cough*

Anyways, my problem in Dolphin SVN 1590... the game's emulation is perfect in terms of graphics, sound, and engine. All except for 3 things...

1. The game hangs on the first level during the transition to the surface of the planet, unless I turn off the sound emulation, which thankfully I can turn back on once the second half of the level begins without a problem. Anyway to fix this without having to turn off sound?

2. Too bad the first level has issues again when I reach the Butterfly Aparoid boss. The boss disappears into the ground while stationary and when I shoot bombs and destroy the wings he does the aerial attack where he throws rocks at you at which point he f***ing disappears. Therefore, I can't finish the first level. Anyway to get past this without using cheats?

3. Finally, Multiplayer. Whenever I enter 75% of the levels, the game hangs at the loading screen or after I press A at the level preview. (Where the camera swings around the level in question) The only levels I can enter is that Pirate base level and if I'm lucky, Katinka Outpost. IS THERE ANYWAY TO FIX THIS?

My system specs can be found on my profile. I'm hoping these issues can be fixed without cheating or saves. I'm currently using Dolphin SVN 1590 with the OpenGL plugin.

Thanks for anything that can help! :thumb:

Until then, I hope I hear from the Devs that it can be fixed soon. ;)


TL;DR I need help with game stopping bugs!

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I have this game also and tested it out and read some threads.
The game runs under x86 but whit some bugs you reported.
On x64 it hangs @ the intro screens on the latest versions.
I downloaded a previous version (r374x64) and the game runs flawless here.
The new versions came allong whit some new bugs for this game but playable whit some tricks.
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