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Star Wars Republic Commando Demo

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Star Wars Republic Commando is a new game from Lucas Arts where you play as a leader in an elite squad team fighting for the Empire's military forces.

If you have a lower end graphics card like me (Geforce 2 MX) don't bother playing the game, the graphics look like puke.

Republic Commando requires the use of Pixel Shader 1.1 found in the new graphic cards.

I got grey blobs which makes it impossible to see in the far distance.

The funny thing is I have no graphic problems with Doom 3 and Far Cry.
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yikes those pics dont give this game justice lol.

amazingily awsome game
Guyver2K5 said:
yikes those pics dont give this game justice lol.

amazingily awsome game
Indeed.. got the demo a while ago and love it, very entertaining and it looks great (poor RZetlin :p).
RZetlin: You can always try using the drivers made by Omega, which allows you to enable and disable PS 1.1 and 2.0. I find that very useful on the laptop I have from the school, since its GeForce 2 has no pixel shader support. Definitely helps in Call Of Duty. That game actually runs really good on that laptop (P4 @ 1.6, 256 MB ram, 20 GB HDD and a 16 MB GeForce 2 Go. I never thought it possible. Course the settings have to be pretty low. I normally wouldnt recommend third party drivers as I have had problems with them in the past, but this one works great. Now, where did ya'll get this demo from cause I want to try this out myself.
I have beaten the demo 7 ..yes 7 times. I'm a SW nut and this is no exception. I love the squad-based combat in this. You actually feel for your comrades, who are funny and slightly scary. I like the simple one button command as well.

I can't wait for the full version to hit.
Frankly, the demo didn't do anything for me. It felt very mediocre to me. There was nothing that "blew my mind away", so to speak. I didn't see wonderful innovations in its genre, and the "squad-based" play is a gimmick, as those bots weren't in any way extraordinary other than in their great voice-overs.

You can position them on scripted spots... yeah, but they can't even defend their own backs when positioned in a "sniping" spot. :p One was being raped from behind (excuse the pun), standing there like a statue, looking only one way. Perhaps he was enjoying himself? :lol: Ofcourse, I was there to help, because one of the others was too busy staring into the same direction, while the third was sleeping in a turret. :lol:

The demo left me with the impression of a generic FPS, to be honest.
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