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STAR WARS Ep3 - ROTS Trailer is out.

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There is probaply 'Behind Episode 3' pic. Click next button in it 'till you see trailer pic.

Looks quite promising, even though i was bit dissapointed in first two parts of prequel trilogy.
Cant wait to see Palpatine fry Yoda. His feeble skills are no match to the power of darkside. :evil:
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MaZa said:
Yeah. Even though i disliked how they overdid jedi's powers in Clone Wars cartoons (and heavily disliked how it was drawn), Grievous was truly asskicking. :evil:
it was a cartoon for kids after all, i think they were just trying to proof that american animation can be cool as well, but im sorry, all the way through clonewars i could only think how awesome it would have been if some anime-studio had done this.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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