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IGN: What Happened to Star Wars Battlefront III?

Free Radical Design, the gaming studio created by former members of RARE who created the now legendary Goldeneye for the N64, the cheeky Time Splitters franchise and the critically canned Haze had been secretly working on a Lucasarts project and thanks to some recent leaks from the studio it is abundantly clear that they were working on the third installment for the Star Wars: Battlefront series, (of the Star Wars franchise, had the biggest number of sales) and by all accounts had been making many good strides with the technology and the gameplay, specifically with AI and creating major set pieces on the fly, as well as some brilliant concept art (shown below) which could only mean that this new game was sure to be a winner.

Too bad that the studio is in a crisis, with major layoffs having gone on recently and the Battlefront III being canned, despite having had over 18 months of development and being almost ready for a release this year. To make the studio's future in further doubt, no publisher is currently looking to pick up the new TimeSplitters 4, which by all accounts looks to be another top piece of gaming.

Despite the economy being in the can, history has shown that entertainment has always been able to press on. With gaming sales in Australia topping 2 billion for 2008, and America being a major frontier for the gaming industry, it saddens me that a game which is this far along in development and appears to be pretty damn good to play, has been canned at the last minute. Here's hoping that a publisher can pick up this game and see it get out into the wild. Despite being a quality gaming studio they just can't seem to be able to cut a break.

Microsoft and Sony, if you are listening, pick up your game and ensure that Free Radical can get their projects finished, it would be a crying shame to see all that talent thrown to the way side.

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