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star trek mmo in the works

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here is a pc gamer interview with the lead designer .
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That could turn out pretty cool... you could have your own crews and that doing different missions and such. I can't wait for beta.

Though you posted this in the wrong section which should have been Game Discussion.
I would bet there will be alot of people who is bald and named picard of varitions of that like [email protected] and so forth
Haha, thats so true. Theres a similar syndrome going around WoW... I even knew a guy that was bold enough to call himself Humanrogue.
Yay another MMO to toss into the fray. Hrmm, thousands of bald men acting as captains does not sound too appealing.
actually it could turn out to be a fun game depending on how they make it, the matrix online just lacks elements that make a good mmo, but it doesnt mean this one has to.
I still this game could show some potential.

Btw, I love the comic Player-X.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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