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I have a slight problem with Star Ocean 2. My disc is damaged and won't play the first meeting with King Cross. (It also won't make any kind of ISO that works at that point, I tried that already.) This is really annoying the crap out of me, because I love this game. It's about as open-ended of a RPG as the Playstation offered, and I can easily spend hundreds of hours on one play-through of it.

I downloaded a save from Gamefaqs that is after that point and played a couple hours worth, and everything after that point on disc one that I can do seems to work okay. The problem I have with it is that all of the saves available are either almost at the end of disc one (and I don't want to use them because I don't want to miss out on 1/3 of the game!) or have had cheats used on them (and I don't want that either if I can help it).

So, I was wondering if anyone has a save I can have that's immediately after that first meeting with King Cross but before anything else happens in the story (gaining characters, etc.), preferably one without any cheats or anything used on it or power leveling done. If so, I would greatly appreciate it.

***EDIT*** Someone has sent me one, and it seems to be working without any particular problem, so no one needs to bother with this now. Thanks anyway, though.
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