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hi there im hvaing trouble getting the beggining fmv sequence on star ocean 2 to show tha sound works fine i just cant see nething this is the only problem i am having with this emulater all the other games work fine.
i am using epsxe 1.5.2 with petes open gl driver 1.6 as i have found that direct 3d drivers, i have everything on the highest setting i even use game fixes i use 680 x 480 resolution as i have also found that to be the best running and there doesnt seem to be ne errors in games apart from star pocean 2 fmv

my computer is amd64 3400+ with geforce fx 5700 le and 1 gig ddr.
i have also tried this on my friends computer which i must add is a celeron 2.6 with g force 4 mx 440 256 ddr and it works fine

if anyone could help that would be great

thanks ppl

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