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ssxpsx 0.0.25 problem

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ive downloaded ssxpsx 0.0.25 and have placed plugins in the folder. i have placed the bios in the ssspsx directory(with ssspsx.exe). but when i click on run, the emulator quits to desktop. anyone know why?
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do you just have the bios in the SSSPSX directory? or is it in a "BIOS" folder in the SSSPSX directory?
the bios file is in the ssspsx directory and not in a folder named 'bios'
thanks works now, but how come the programmers havent included a biod folder in the zip file?
eh? They did. You must have not extracted the ZIP properly. It comes with folders for BIOS, Memcards, plugins, and sstates
well ive downloaded the zip from emufanatics and downloaded the english version. but it doesnt have any folder except for the plugins.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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