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This emulator is looking very promising; other then the periodic illegal operation shutdowns ive been getting, never happens in the same place twice either. The other aspect i really like about this, is the fact that games having memory card issues for special features ect.. with other emulators seem to work on this emulator; doesn't damage the saved games on the memory card. If i could just figure out what is causing this illegal ops id be happy. Anyone else tryed using this emulator yet much?

EDIT: Also if anyone is interested; saved games also seem to be working correctly on PCSX1.6z for loading memory card information on games such and final fantasy anthology CD2.
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Yes, it is quite good and unless ePSXe it's being constantly updated (ePSXe's latest update was almost two years ago!). I think that SSSPSX will soon surpass ePSXe.
Hey, I didn't say it would happen tommorow ;) But judging from the frequency of updating SSSPSX and ePSXe I say that it will happed sooner or later. Look what version of SSSPSX is and what it can do, and it's constantly updated. I ran most of my games with it and had no problems with them. Even in FFVIII, where under ePSXe my joypad refuses to work, under SSSPSX there's no problem with that ;) I'd love to see a possibility of using external PAD plugins in ePSXe one day...
I've got only a save at disc 3 and haven't encountered any problems there ;) If anyone has a save before Dali, please attach it to the post so that I or Dark Watcher could test the Dali problem on SSSPSX and proove hushy that he's wrong (or not ;))
OK, I have just tested it and found out that SSSPSX does have the same problem in Dali like ePSXe. Oh well, I hope it'll be fixed in one of next versions.

hushy: hmm, what do you mean by Dali problem in psxeven? It works fine here, the FMV doesn't freeze at all. Saves can be converted with PSXMemTool :)
I believe both needed dlls by PSXMemTool have been already uploaded to emuforums by bluekirby0 in this thread. PSXeven is cool, sometimes even better than ePSXe (who has played Persona 2: Eternal Punishment knows what I mean). And supports external gamepad plugins which ePSXe doesn't :/
Just an ordinary ePSXe memcard image, *.mcr...
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