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This emulator is looking very promising; other then the periodic illegal operation shutdowns ive been getting, never happens in the same place twice either. The other aspect i really like about this, is the fact that games having memory card issues for special features ect.. with other emulators seem to work on this emulator; doesn't damage the saved games on the memory card. If i could just figure out what is causing this illegal ops id be happy. Anyone else tryed using this emulator yet much?

EDIT: Also if anyone is interested; saved games also seem to be working correctly on PCSX1.6z for loading memory card information on games such and final fantasy anthology CD2.
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i havent messed around with this much, i intend to though. now that it's translated into English a lot more people can use this emulator..i might have to start suggesting this alongside PSXeven/ePSXe/PCSX ....
haha, i havent tried SSSPSX yet, but i dont think there is any way that SSSPSX can surpass PSXeven or ePSXe any time soon. unless SSSPSX is really amazing..if so ill eat those words ;)
hmm...i wonder if common ePSXe/PSXeven problems are fixed with SSSPSX...first one that comes to mind is FF9 at Dali :rolleyes:
hey, i was merely being skeptical on whether SSSPSX could surpass ePSXe. keep in mind thats no small feat ;)

DW: what memory card saves does SSSPSX use? in other words, what am i gonna need to do to convert my ePSXe and Dex Drive saves?
i didnt mean specifically PSXeven at Dali problem, i mean ePSXe or PSXeven problems, i.e. FF9/Dali problem is common (with ePSXe). believe it or not...PSXeven has its share of surprises too! :O!

so anyway, what format saves does SSSPSX use? and, my PSXmemtool doesnt work. it keeps asking for PBVM60.dll...can you send it to me? (upload it here or somewhere)
alright, it works cool. but i ask again...what format do i need to convert Dexdrive files into for SSSPSX? i dont want to go through trial and error here :p
wow, sweet, it already has a leg up on other emus (ive noticed ePSXe and PSXeven can usually read each others' memory cards if you just change the extension but i've had a couple problems though)
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