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This emulator is looking very promising; other then the periodic illegal operation shutdowns ive been getting, never happens in the same place twice either. The other aspect i really like about this, is the fact that games having memory card issues for special features ect.. with other emulators seem to work on this emulator; doesn't damage the saved games on the memory card. If i could just figure out what is causing this illegal ops id be happy. Anyone else tryed using this emulator yet much?

EDIT: Also if anyone is interested; saved games also seem to be working correctly on PCSX1.6z for loading memory card information on games such and final fantasy anthology CD2.
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Well, epsxe doesn't update frequently anymore due mainly to two things: its coders have busy lifes, that doesn't let them keep up with it as before, and epsxe has reached a stage in development where is quite hard to improve anything. ePSXe is almost feature complete, so what's left is mainly bug hunting, and the ones that are still there are quite hard to isolate, and even harder to fix without braking other things (like what happened with release 1.6.0, wich fixed some games, but broke others that were compatible before, like FF games). The same is bound to happen to almost any emulator. Of course, it might be surpassed some day, PSXeven is already there, but it's not as easy as you say. We'll see if/when Ssspsx reaches that stage.
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