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SSSPSX 0.0.24 is out :)


- fixed MDEC (insync/outsync flags)
solved the final fantsy 9 problems (the event of the dali and the ending)
- fixed memory card tab
you can create and rename the memory card.
- GTE optimized by MMX technologies
some 3D-games will be speedy.
- fixed CD-DA
you can enjoy CD-player in the BIOS when using internel CDROM plugin.
- fixed CDROM access timing
- fixed transfer rate
- added CdlReadT command of the CDROM
tekken will be fine.
Also note the new homepage url :

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I love emulators more for the work the authors create, who clearly display intellect and knowledge of programming and the internal protocals for the software and hardware of that/other consoles.

This is a neat emu, and I am enjoying the progress. Keep up the good work. :)

r2rX ;)
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