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SSF screenshots

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SSF screenshots Street Fighter ZERO 3 : Saturn! 4MB

here are some screens from SSF_007_prototype_R12 running the japanese release of sfz3. The game is fully playable although has some graphical issues.
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SSF screens Fighters Megamix

here are some screens from SSF_007_prototype_R12 running the US release of Fighters Megamix.
ssf screens mega man 8

this game has very few graphical errors. Actually, i have not seen any errors. It may have none. FMV is still a big issue with this emu...
SSF screens Burning Rangers

here are some screens from SSF_007_prototype_R12 running american Burning Rangers. Cant seem to get past the char sel screen without crashing the emu....
SSF screens Night Warriors

Here are some screens from SSF_007_prototype_R12 running the american Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge. This one has NO gfx errors, and runs at almost perfect speeds. But like all of the games ive tested (see above) , no sound...
Shin_Gouki said:
cool SFA 3 has better modes then on psc or arcade???
wbr Shin Gouki
The saturn zero 3 is far superior to the ps1 zero 3. It has better gfx, better sound (due to the 4MB expansion) and more modes of play (true 2 on 1, no mirror crap). However the Dreamcast version is the best except for two things..

1) DC version has some odd rescale/resize on the sprites that makes them look chunky or ugly.

2) DC's typically die or wear out.

My Saturn still rocks...

Anyhow, from how I understand it, ps1 sfa3 was made first, then DC sfa3 was produced and finally sat sfa3 was produced, with some exploits corrected among other things. I guess my point is that the Saturn version was the final and most refined version of sfa3. Anyone who knows better please put me in my place!! ;)
There is a sense of remoteness between this site and the creator of SSF. It would be great if he/she posted here to let us know these postes were worthwhile in the dev of SSF! Even if its a different language we would get the drift ;)
Shin_Gouki said:
the DC version had a cool feature were 2 human could play antother ^^
that was cool
i have no DC , and personally the controller suxx the most ^^ so unhandy
but the modi rocks VERY good!
hmm to bad the arcade SFA 3 has almost NO good multiplayer features :(
i think i would like to take a round or two with you on kawaks over kaillera ;)
what do you think?
wbr Shin Gouki

thx man but I will have to pass. I dont have either apps anymore. The last time i tried Kaillera the lag was too bad for a serious match ;)
i can hardly wait for the next release of SSF! That is, if there is one...
I was bored so I ripped and played Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Tubo, here are some screens....
Here are some screens of SSF_007_prototype_R12 running Street Fighter Alpha 1, US release...

Hey! I Like Street Fighter OK?
1 - 11 of 19 Posts
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