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SSF running Shining Force 3 Scenario 1

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All pics had their resolutions halved, in the interest of file size.
They're also all truecolor pngs.
They're dark because TV monitor mode cannot be turned off.
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Saving the game:
I'm posting this because I often hear people asking "Can I save with SSF?" - Yes, you can.
And yes, you can also load saved games:
what is the speed you are getting with SSF? System specs? How well does the game run on SSF?
Shining force 3 is a SEga SAturn game.. SSF is a Saturn emulator.. Shwing..
I would like to know more about this game when running using the emulator.

Any problems when u use this emulator to play SF3? Any serious problems that make this game unplayable? or any serious graphics problems?

Well, as long as it works and can proceed without hanging or crashing, i will surely try to get this game.
earl please tell us the speed i really wanna play sum saturn games :)
650 MHz Pentium III

It runs at about 5 frames per second (though you can mess with the frameskip, or "Field skip", as it's called in the readme).
I've gotten through the first battle just fine.

Using magic seems to make SSF crash, but aside from that, it runs fine.
Guess I will be waiting... I have about 50 saturn games I wanna test too.. But at 5 fps?!! I think not at the moment.. Atleast SEga cd emulation is getting excellent.. Its keeping me busy at the moment.. Until a good saturn emu pops up..
Moogie (of Shining Force Central) said of SSF 006 prototype r2:

"It runs at just over half (I think) speed on my PIII800 with 512MB and a (haha) Voodoo 1."
Originally posted by Earl Jenson

Using magic seems to make SSF crash, but aside from that, it runs fine.

It can be categoried as unplayable i think.... :(
to bad no one really iz working on dat many saturn emus :( geuss well jus have to wait...
awwww...I wanted to play all my 20 saturn games. :( but 5fps is too....:(
Getting faster

There are only 3 Saturn emus right in development that could get somewhere: SSF, Satourne & GiriGiri
SSF is at the moment the most compatible - but slowest
GiriGiri is faster - but not very compatible
Satourne seems to get fastest and emulation will get more features as the others at the moment: ST-V support! The ST-V is the Arcade version of Saturn - I have the ST-V bios but the roms I found are sadly not downloadable ... (sniff sniff)

Waiting for my 2 Ghz Athlon I look forward to funny saturn-revival evenings!
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