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SSf Alpha 0.07 is GREAT!

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SSf Alpha 0.07 is GREAT! wat an improvement from the prototype. i almost wet myself when i saw the greatness when i was playing some of my games on it. still crashes and doesnt emulate everything, but they did a great job on it. wat do u lot think?
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Love it. Best emu development in a long time this side of Chankast, IMO.

Been playing Three Dirty Dwarves and Gaurdian Heroes religously on SSF and haven't seen a crash yet. TDD has some scrolling graphical issues, but hardly noticable. Guardian Heroes is perfect from what I can tell, sound wise and graphically. Speed is always full on my P4 [email protected], as well, something I didn't see coming.

The only downside is that it requires a P4 or Athlon64 CPU w/ SSE2 to run at all (you could use older versions that don't require SSE2, but you're not getting near the quality). I suppose a system with as many processors as Saturn, SSE2 is required for fast FP operations.. and it shows in SSF.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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