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SSf Alpha 0.07 is GREAT!

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SSf Alpha 0.07 is GREAT! wat an improvement from the prototype. i almost wet myself when i saw the greatness when i was playing some of my games on it. still crashes and doesnt emulate everything, but they did a great job on it. wat do u lot think?
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To the SSf Alpha 0.08...I am shock today when I decide to tried out Shin Shinobi Den on this extraordinary SSF emu and it is fully playable at full speed!!!! What a find! Awesome. Megaman 8 is now fully playable with no glitches if I am correct because I didnt seen anything wrong with it. Megaman X3 is going ingame at last but when you tried start button and it goes back to music in screen which is weird to me. X4 is still alots of glitches and only few weird letters are almost reveal to be readable. Thats all for now. This is great opportunitely for us to play sega emu fully soon.
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