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SSF 0.07 Alpha R9 Released

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R9 has just been released ! :thumb:
I have no idea atm of what's new in this release , but will for sure test my games again. :nod:
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Bug Too! now works, it never did in any other SSF release.

Nice work Shima! :cool:
- corrected scsp ops
- reduced noise when switching scenes etc
- corrected internal SCU ops
- Sound Novel Tsuku-2, Sol DIvide (except some magic) and Solo Crisis work
- Sound/music works in Quiz nanairo dreams, sfzero, sfzero2 slayers royal, shinseiki Evangelion
- Soukyuugurentai's graphics are fixed
I alreadt posted that about 2 weeks stole my statement, Gelon. ;)

P.S. SSF is an amazing emu and this author is doing a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumb: :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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