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<div>It appears that the SSF homepage was updated today....the download
file is now at version SSF 0.07 Alpha R6.&nbsp; As with every other SSF
release, no english translation is provided, so you're stuck guessing
on what is changed.....or learn japanese ;)</div>
<div>» Download SSF 0.07 Alpha R6 <a href=";id=412">here</a>&nbsp;</div>
<div>» SSF <a target="_blank" href="">homepage</a></div>

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heres a bad google translate version of the changes log, dunno what the words in between are

Operation of dynamic recompiling was corrected.
Until now whether with dynamic recompiling the software which did not move operates even with ON, the しれません.
You verified at transmission outside the ファイティングバイパーズ and the movement soldier cancer/gun dam and the studio et cetera of marry.
TOC information of the CD was part by mistake.
When this was corrected, the ゆ you saw and tried and tried and demonstration (, at the point where CDDA is played back you reached the point where) of the REMIX which the っ く is done moves.
PCM formation processing was corrected.
The rear of the lead man appearing of the ソウルハッカーズ stopping stopping, it increases.
Processing of the VDP1 part was modified.
Becoming the indicatory oven of the バーチャロン, it increases.
Portion of picture synthesis processing was corrected in other things.
Title and the カプコンロゴ and the バーチャファイタ in the bulk slash - it reaching the point where the キャラ selective picture of 2 is properly indicated, it increases.

You looked at the source of CD block in a general way, however it is is, there was no fatal bug.
As for the software which does not move whether timing is severe the しれません.
For example the sand 羅 曼 snake deluxe pack as for plus sand 羅 曼 snake 2, with the dot clock as about 2.14
Unless there is a weight and does CD block it does not operate and...
As for Saturn the place where it is different completely in extent complicated something which does not understand somewhere has done trick, bug っ て る the しれません.

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This is a bit more natural, from a friend of mine:
CD blocks still haven't been corrected, but many more changes have been upped:
- Dynamic recompile has been corrected. Software that didn't work up to now because of dynamic recompile might work. Fighting Vipers, Mobile Suit Gundam [?], Marie's Studio [?], and others have been confirmed.
- CD TOC information was incorrect. This amendment makes yumimimix REMIX's demo work (where it plays from the CDDA).
- PCM processing was changed. Soul Hackers doesn't stop any more after Red Man's entry.
- VDP1 processing was changed somewhat. Paacharon's [?] display is now correct.
- Screen synthesis processing has been changed elsewhere. Paruku Slash's title screen and kapukonrogu [?] etc, and Paacha Fighter 2's character selection screen now properly display.
- Briefly looked at the CD block source but there weren't any fatal bugs; maybe the software that doesn't work has precise timing. For example, in [Sand Snake Deluxe Pack?] if you don't set the dot clock to about 2.14 in [Plus Sand Snake 2?], the CD block waits, and then it doesn't work... The Saturn is complex enough that I can't tell where the problem is, so the bug might be in a completely different place.
(I've joined some sentences together, because they seem to be cause and effect descriptions, i.e. fixed x, so y is working. I'm not entirely sure this is correct, however).
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