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The user clipping of VDP1 (the outside drew) did not function.
When this was corrected, the polygon of information outside the mobile soldier Gundam came to be displayed.
Processing of the check on a transparent dot of sprite was changed.
The exclusive operation of the CD block thread was not complete.
It is corrected it though it is rare that timing severely becomes a problem.
A part of operation of 68000 instructions was changed.
Autlan and the space Harrier of an initial version come to work.
The operation with built-in SCSP DSP was corrected.
CDDA that has not rung up to now either is sure to be reproduced neatly.
It is such a place.

The operation of the CD block is doubtful and I want to correct it earlier than 68000.
Most of the software that stops by correcting it because of the error might come to move.
Keith, you're too goddamn fast. :D

Its gives me a ASPI error :( and i have the lastest (and the nero aspi too), this happend me with this version and the two before, but the before o this works right
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