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<div>AHHH....It's great to be back people.&nbsp; With a spiffy new CMS,
lemme post a SSF update for everyone.&nbsp; SSF 0.07 Alpha R4 is now
released.&nbsp; Chrono didn't provide a translation this time, so
you're stuck guessing what the changes are.....sorry :p</div>
<div>» Source : <a href="" target="_blank">Chrono Archangel</a>&nbsp;</div>
<div>» Download SSF 0.07 Alpha R4 <a href=";id=398">here</a></div>
<div>» Visit the SSF homepage <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> (Japanese)<a href="" target="_blank"> </a></div></div>

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meh :p
k ill i could make out of the awfull translation job of Babelfish is that more work on the SCSP has been made (that being the sound part of the emulator).

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DSP with built-in SCSP was mounted.
As such, it seems to be able to reproduce it though the volume is strange.
SSF Ver0.07 alpha R4
Sound DSP is indeed heavy.
Though the movement of and CPU of 5 MIPS or less class and heavy because the processing of this extent is necessary are natural etc.
The OP sound of the start demonstration of Saturn and Gillen's ambition comes to be reproduced by DSP mounting.
Other tunes that have not been reproduced up to now might ring.
CDDA was read digitally.
Because Saturn is a specification that CDDA is treatable by DSP …
The reading error might occur according to the drive because the number of CDDA of reading sectors is 16 fixation.
In that case, please turn off a digital reading of CDDA by the option.

There must not be variously too unstable part.
68000 and dynamic recompile are too doubtful.
68000 emulators are rewritten though the speed slows by an obedient code.
And, though the moving software only has to increase …
This, my friend, is a better auto-translator. Enter Excite.

EDIT: Okay, here's a better sum-up of what's new:

- DSP support now implemented, which brings SCSP from 20% to 50%
- digital CD-DA now available, but this may be unstable so if the audio becomes really weird, disable the digital option

On my own personal note:

- VDP1 and VDP2 threading is now selectable compared to R3 where they were grayed out. o_O

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Sadly "better" isn't saying much in this case. Did anyone who read that have a clue what "the processing of this extent is necessary are natural etc." was meant to mean?

Here's a proper translation:

Implemented the built-in SCSP DSP. There are still some issues relating to volume, but it's good enough to justify a release: SSF Ver0.07 alpha R4.
The sound DSP is pretty processor-intensive. I guess that's only natural - it's having to do the same amount of work as a processor that's capable of up to 5 MIPS...
With the DSP implemented, things like the Saturn startup demo and the opening sound to "Gihren's Ambition" now play properly. You may also be able to hear other music that used not to work.
I've also tried to get digital CDDA reading[*1] to work, since the Saturn can also process that with the DSP. But since the number of sectors to read is fixed at 16, you may get read errors, depending on your drive. If that causes problems, just disable digital CDDA reads in the options.

This is all still pretty buggy in places. The 68k emulation and dynamic recompilation are particularly dubious. I'll have to try rewriting the 68k emulation code properly - that'll slow things down a bit, but hopefully it'll also increase the amount of games that run...

1. As opposed to the CD drive's built-in playback, I assume.
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