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That isn't the changelog - that's a separate informational note on the front page, and what it says is "Minimum system specs have increased. Versions post-R12 require a CPU that supports SSE2; it seems there's no way to get the required speed without it. Also, I haven't been able to work out what's causing the errors in Windows Me, so that's not supported any more."

And here's a translation of the actual changelog:

Nothing major has been added; most of the changes are bug fixes.

The SCSP frequency has been corrected (it was being run somewhat faster than in the real machine).
Synthesised sounds should now play back at the correct tempo, and most of the stuttering should be gone.
This also fixes the looping sound effects that weren't being stopped.
"Magic Knight Rayearth" also gets further now.
I've also fixed the problem where memory was being corrupted when the texture buffer filled up.
Cyberbots, "Game Tengoku"*, and Power Drift all seem to run now.
Finally, the SH2 division code was buggy.
By fixing that, Radiant Silvergun no longer freezes.
The POV bug in Daytona USA is also fixed.

It's all still buggy, though. Bio Hazard doesn't work in this version, even though it used to... I think it's a synchronisation problem...

* (I'm not sure what "Game Tengoku" is, it's not a title I've seen before.)
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