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Web translation of work record :
The bug was in timer interruption processing of SCSP. When this was corrected, many software came to operate. Other than this, the 2P side became effective, Hanging up when ending on a full screen was corrected, and the chip initialization processing at the time of reset was improved.
SSF Ver0.07 alpha R2
The voice of SUCHIPAI 2 became honest.
Virtua Fighter 2 also operates.
The display of the Capcom game is also repaired.
It came to move only by having corrected timer interruption very well.Although not reproduced for hardware restrictions, since the sound of the frequency higher than 48000Hz at R1 is a software side about a RISAMPU ring or composition in R2, as it is, PCM is also reproduced.

Saturn's Hard is complicated and synchronous timing during a chip is also severe. The default value of an INI file is the optimal setup by its own machine. I think that this setup moves most software. It is if ,
- Change the number of SH2 commands.
- The numerical value of a dot clock is raised.
- Invalidity dynamic recompilation.
- Invalidity CD block thread.
Please try.

Chrono Archangel said:
If you can translate the changes, please let us know! :)

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