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SSE emulation

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Im not sure where to put this so I will put this here I just want to ask is there a way to emulate SSE on a non SSE pc, cause i want to run chankast on my other machine but the procsser has not got SSE. plz can you help me.
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Suppose it really depends what emus you are talking about. Chankast won't run at any kind of decent speed on a 1.2. I tried it on my Morgan 1.1 when it was my primary CPU. Basicaly every game was quite far from playable.
Basicaly, I think what is really being said is 'not as far as we know', and even were it possible, it wouldn't be worth it.

edit: From a quick search on google, I found this:
Yes it is possible but it is an EXTREMELY bad idea to try and do so. The whole point of the SIMD (MMX, SSE, SSE2) is to have a single instruction process multiple data. To emulate the instructions on a processor which doesn't have them would involve trapping invalid opcode (INT 6) and emulating the instructions in a loop. This defeats the whole purpose of using the SIMD instructions in the first place. It's better to have different versions of critical performance routines (MMX/SSE/SSE2, MMX/SSE, MMX-only, non-SIMD)and use the appropriate routine for a given CPU after checking what's supported via CPUID level 1.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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