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SSE emulation

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Im not sure where to put this so I will put this here I just want to ask is there a way to emulate SSE on a non SSE pc, cause i want to run chankast on my other machine but the procsser has not got SSE. plz can you help me.
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my processor in my my other computer is 1.2 gig athlon

and the reason why i want to do this because on nearly every pc game I own and most emulators i own my other computer runs it better then mine and mine is more powerfull except on the memory front here is both computer specs:
mine has a 2.4 gig athlon xp processor, 512 ddr memory tht r 266mhz, 160, 60 gig hd's, creative soundblaster audgdy 2 and nvidia gforce fx 5200 pci with 128 ddr video memory

my other is well you now the processor, 768 sdram mem tht r 133 mhz, 160, 20 gig hd's, onboard soundcard, geforce 4 mx agp with 64 meg of video memory.

and they are both running windows xp pro with service pack 2.
Kane-Sama said:
Suppose it really depends what emus you are talking about. Chankast won't run at any kind of decent speed on a 1.2. I tried it on my Morgan 1.1 when it was my primary CPU. Basicaly every game was quite far from playable.
well thts wht im tring to find out but i need to know is there a way to emulate SSE om a non SSE pc
even if it slows down the computer i would still like to know if it is possable to emulate sse.
well tht means basiclly im going to have to upgrade the prossecer on my other pc if I want to try and run chankast on it, its just finding one for tht m/b tht has SSE well thanks for straighting it up for me I just have to find out why my pc runs much wose and my other pc.
lol i had the console and the games work sort of ok on my pc (ecept for sonic adventure 2 trying to find a way to make my card get rid of the texture wall can not stand playing it in wire frame mode) but i just wanted to try to see wht it would like on my other pc.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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