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SRW Alpha: the infamous Minmei crash

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Well, I managed to get SRW Alpha running using ePSXe v.1.6.0, and have finally arrived at the spot that supposedly "always hangs" unless you know some arcane trickery that nobody's willing to share. It's after mission 60 (the battle with Haman at Axis); as part of the post-mission briefing you see Exedore, Britai, and Bodolzar talking on Bodolzar's ship. They talk for a while. Then the text window goes blank and there's a rumbling noise. Then Minmei starts singing (I think this is actually background music, not a sound effect). However, the text window remains completely blank (although the characters keep blinking - this is the same as a problem I had MUCH earlier, in which I couldn't get past the first post-mission briefing when the music changed.) Nothing I do will get me past this part; I've tried this with ePSXe 1.5.2 and 1.6.0, PSXeven, and PCSX (for that last option, the game won't even start.) I've tried using savestates and hitting start at the EXACT right moment (worked for an earlier hang on one of the Evangelion missions.) I've tried not using savestates at all. I've tried using Connectix VGS - but that's no good anymore, since I'm WAY too far into the game to start over from scratch - and the crippleware version of the emu doesn't work with memcards. Not to mention that I have WinXP AND a P4 - double trouble.

Can anybody who's made it through the whole thing (there's a couple of you out there) help me with this?
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I've seen many times troubles with this game, and never a solution. If you think it's a trouble with music, try using a nosound spu plugin. The most compatible plugin setting i can think of is coupling that with peops gpu plugin, and playing from an ISO. If that doesn't work, chances are no one got through that.
Alpha Minmei crash


The only way for you to get past the stage 60 hang is to use epsxe 1.40. Just make sure you have a memcard with a save prior to the hang.

1. Load your memcard with epsxe 1.40.
2. Get to the spot a few screens from the hang and create a save state.
3. Then try to get through the part that hangs by pressing the O and not the start button. If it gets stuck again just reload the state. Keep doing this and eventually it will pass. Once past the hang create another save state or save on the memcard (if possible) and transfer it to epsxe 1.60 and load it up.

I also use Eternal Spu 1.40 since it works better than all the other sound plugins for this game. I hope this helps your problem.
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