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Squall? about your qoute...

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Your quote says:
"All your Final Fantasy are belong to us."

Is that by any chance ripped from the flash movie called: All your base are belong to us?

If it is and you know about it can you plz post the url because I've lost it...

BTW, I know I schould mail or something, but I haven't got e-mail client installed on this computer
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I think he got it for some older game with bad translations from Japaness.
Yep. It is from an old SNES game called Zero Wing. The game was very badly translated and everyone thought it was really funny. The quote "All your base are belong to us" then beecame really popular. I think there's even a street named after it. I saw it the paper this week.
The game is not for the SNES, it's for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.
Don't forget that is was in the arcades too. Minus the hilarious translation.
I never understood why it suddenly spread around the Internet faster than the Melissa virus, tho... I mean, that games is like 10 years old, and no one even noticed it for all that time (Hell, even people that played it probably didn't pay that much attention at the time, because bad translations were at least as common as good ones). What suddenly happend in the past few months that made it a quote that even people who never played a video game knew???
Actually it has been around the net for awhile ... it was on this board (forgot the name) and people were making the different images (the ones where it says "All your base are belong to us" ... most are seen in that flash movie for it) and it was just a small thing for this group of people ... it just eventually spread out and became mainstream. Search around and you can find some history on it.
it was the SA Forums....
OIC. Thanks for the info... If I'm bored enough some day, I'll search around for the full history. :p
Re: Re: Squall? about your qoute...

Originally posted by CDBuRnOuT
The game is not for the SNES, it's for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.
That's what I meant to say, I just didn't realize it at the time. I'm not all there sometimes...
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