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I'm having a problem with the voices during the cut scenes in Spyro 2. They start playing fine and then skip repeatedly, sometimes cutting off entirely. Also, if I load a save state there's no sound at all. I've used a brand new copy of the game from both CD-Rom and ISO, as well as a friend's copy (the same way,) and the problem persists. I have the problem with every plugin I've tried (P.E.O.P's 1.8, ePSXe core, and Eternal 1.41,) as well as with every version of ePSXe I've tried. I have the problem regardless of what settings I set the SPU to. I also have the problem regardless of what BIOS I use, and changing my DirectX Sound Acceleration level has no effect either.

I'm using a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS. Updating my sound drivers had no effect.

The compatibility page listed this game as 100% perfect, and I can get some of the most problem-prone games working in ePSXe usually with no sweat... so is there something I've missed?

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well first of all, that's a known problem with save states (MGS is the most notable example of sound works at all when you load a state).

what video plugin are you using? if the game is slowing down, then the sound could get messed up.
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