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spu plugins

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what is the best spu plugins for playing final fantasy7
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Why don't you try Pete's DSound 1.10
The word on the street is that null2's SPU 1.34 and 1.35 are the best for FF games.
Tried almost all of them..Iori..Prdigy..Null's..PDSouns..Internal..Pete's
Midas..using ISO
The result's here
So what's your bottom line? Which plugin to use?
When I used Pete's 1.7 plug-in the games sounded thin and wirey at times, but when I used Null's 1.35 plug-in the sound was full on a lot of games. I don't know about FF7, but in many other games Null did better for me. I mean for me Pete's Midas 1.7 didn't even sound good on the white Sony splash screen when you first run the CD.
Well I went back and used Petes Direct Sound 1.10 plug-in and it worked great. I don't know what's up with that 1.7 Midas plug-in, but I think I like the 1.10 better than Null's 1.35.
Iori's works good but again everything is relative.
Pete's 1.10 is the successor of the Midas plugin.
Midas is no longer supported and thus Pete stoped using it for his plugin.

Null's is good too but each has there own flaws. Try each and hope it works that's my policy.
er... what's prodigy? does it work well?

thought that why theres a null 1.4 think about it
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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