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Just finished the game using epsxe, and must say that it is the best comic based game I've ever played. With the exception of the final movie not having any sound (which i got around using vgs), the game works flawlessly, and just requires that u push f4 if it doesn't detect your memory card.
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cool!! Plus there is a new spiderman movie coming out next summer!!!!!! I saw the preview and I have to say it looks quite interesting..... You actually see spidey swinging by huge skyscrapers... Sweet!!
yea, i saw a couple seconds from the trailer, i think. It looks pretty good!
I played Spiderman for a few days and got to the part where all those purple simbiot things are in the elevator shaft. Then I got sort of board with the game and haven't touched it since. I don't think I'll finish it now that you said the final movie doesn't have sound. Well maybe it would have sound on my system, but I would have to get pretty bored to play it again.

BTW, andre what SPU did you use? To get the best voices (still not quite perfect, but very playable) I used Pete's Dsound 1.09 for some reason it sounded slightly better than Pete's 1.10
Have palyed and finished Spiderman, but using the internal Spu! It sounded great on my sblive and I the final movie had sound too! but that lame memcard prob... it is starting to piss me off! having to press f4 all the time :(
you guys must be too young to remember the Spiderman TV series (In the US, Live action) he swung by Skyscrapers then too.

I remember that show.
Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can...
I use to watch that old spiderman show all the time.... It was funny how the web he shot would rap around stuff instead of sticking to em.... hehe.... and that incredible hulk show too..... I wonder if anyone knows where on the net to find videos of those old marvel shows? I also watched that "The Flash" tv episodes too...
Ain't the scifi channel great? I liked the hulk show. The storylines were quite good and you could feel for the main character... never being able to find a peaceful existance. Forced to move from place to place without any hope of having a place called home. I digress.

The Flash I tought was rather cheesy. As for spiderman oh dear:( . At the time marvel decided the the tv version sould only fight "Real life" charactors... not supervillians. (Probably 'cos they didn't want it being as cheesy as the 60s Batman.) Hence the storylines were extremely limited.

Whilst were on superheros what about Wonder Woman. They have just started to show that again over here.
hmm, i wonder how many actually caught spidey on a silly show called the electric company. that was my very first memory of spidey in a tv show :)

early 1980s if i'm not wrong. the dude shoots string-like webbing!
i played the game using the internal spu. i was stuck w/ those damn symbiotes. they were so damn strong, i had to play cheap. I used to watch spiderman on fox, back in the "old days" when they also showed tekkaman blade. haven't seen that for a coupla years.
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