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PCSX2 13.02.05
GSDX9 in D3D

showing pix for the 1st time.
No reaction on button press at start screen :(

The log window repeatedly reads:
NGL: DMA Timeout, resetting VIF1/GIF.
NGL: Not enough interrupts received (1/3).
This is the piece of code which prints that:
lui		a0, $0053		# 002b5138:3c040053	a0=$00530000
jal		$002b3470		# 002b513c:0c0acd1c	^ FNC_002b3470
addiu		a0, a0, $aa68		# 002b5140:2484aa68	a0="NGL: DMA Timeout, resetting VIF1/GIF.\n"
lui		a0, $004d		# 002b5144:3c04004d	a0=$004d0000
addiu		v1, zero, $0078		# 002b5148:24030078	v1=mcTLITriLoop
sw		v1, $b694(a0)		# 002b514c:ac83b694	[004cb694]
lui		v0, $1000		# 002b5150:3c021000	v0=T0_COUNT
ori		v0, v0, $9000		# 002b5154:34429000	v0=D1_CHCR
addiu		a0, zero, $0005		# 002b5158:24040005	a0=$00000005
sw		a0, $0000(v0)		# 002b515c:ac440000	D1_CHCR
lui		v1, $1000		# 002b5160:3c031000	v1=T0_COUNT
ori		v1, v1, $3c10		# 002b5164:34633c10	v1=VIF1_FBRST
addiu		a0, zero, $0009		# 002b5168:24040009	a0=$00000009
sw		a0, $0000(v1)		# 002b516c:ac640000	VIF1_FBRST
lui		v0, $1000		# 002b5170:3c021000	v0=T0_COUNT
ori		v0, v0, $3000		# 002b5174:34423000	v0=GIF_CTRL
addiu		v1, zero, $0001		# 002b5178:24030001	v1=$00000001
sw		v1, $0000(v0)		# 002b517c:ac430000	GIF_CTRL
lui		v0, $004d		# 002b5180:3c02004d	v0=$004d0000
__002b5184:					# 
lui		v1, $004d		# 002b5184:3c03004d	v1=$004d0000
lw		a1, $b610(v0)		# 002b5188:8c45b610	a1=$004cb610
lw		a2, $b60c(v1)		# 002b518c:8c66b60c	a2=$004cb60c
beq		a1, a2, $002b51a8	# 002b5190:10a60005	v __002b51a8
lq		ra, $0010(sp)		# 002b5194:7bbf0010	
lui		a0, $0053		# 002b5198:3c040053	a0=$00530000
jal		$002b3470		# 002b519c:0c0acd1c	^ FNC_002b3470
addiu		a0, a0, $aa90		# 002b51a0:2484aa90	a0="NGL: Not enough interrupts received (%d/%d).\n"
lq		ra, $0010(sp)		# 002b51a4:7bbf0010	
__002b51a8:					# 
lq		s0, $0000(sp)		# 002b51a8:7bb00000	
jr		ra			# 002b51ac:03e00008	
addiu		sp, sp, $0020		# 002b51b0:27bd0020

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linuzappz said:
:/ just ran the dump, but i ain't getting that pic, i'm guessing the dump is buggy, can u try running it (select it with cdvdiso and runcd, it should run same as the iso)
Duh, the machine code was nopped out at PC, it should read:
jal $004bbda0 # 004c0fec:0c12ef68 ^ CreateSema

Do you have a CDVDiso.dll different from that posted in the "latest beta" topic?
(btw it's missing "Alcohol" *.MDF format)

However i made a fake ISO, which contains only 2 intro pix (which is pretty much the same as the block-dump)

the game also logs:
NGL: 4bit texture with 32bit palette needs to be re-exported: .
Not using proview.

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The libraries work, but now PCSX2 crashes at EIP=004A0B65 between "Activision" and START picture.
however, the error message in the log window disappeared

.text:004A0B65                 movzx   ecx, byte ptr [esi+3]
.text:004A0B69                 test    byte ptr ds:dword_590090+1, 4
.text:004A0B70                 mov     ds:dword_58F004, ecx
.text:004A0B76                 jz      short loc_4A0BB9
.text:004A0B78                 mov     ds:byte_59BA80, 45h
.text:004A0B7F                 mov     eax, 3
.text:004A0B84                 mov     ds:word_59BA90, ax
.text:004A0B8A                 mov     [esp+10h], ebx
.text:004A0B8E                 mov     eax, [esi]
.text:004A0B90                 mov     [esp+4], ecx
.text:004A0B94                 mov     dword ptr [esp], offset aViftransferCmd ; "VIFtransfer: cmd %x, num %x, imm %x, si"...
.text:004A0B9B                 movzx   edx, ax
.text:004A0B9E                 shr     eax, 10h
.text:004A0BA1                 mov     [esp+0Ch], edx
.text:004A0BA5                 and     eax, 0FFh
.text:004A0BAA                 mov     [esp+8], eax
.text:004A0BAE                 call    loc_419C40
.text:004A0BB3                 mov     ecx, ds:dword_58F004
.text:004A0BB9 loc_4A0BB9:                             ; CODE XREF: .text:004A0B76j
.text:004A0BB9                 test    ecx, 80h
.text:004A0BBF                 jz      short loc_4A0C08
.text:004A0BC1                 test    byte ptr ds:dword_590090+1, 4
.text:004A0BC8                 jz      short loc_4A0C02
.text:004A0BCA                 mov     ds:byte_59BA80, 45h
.text:004A0BD1                 mov     eax, ds:dword_58D2B0
.text:004A0BD6                 mov     edx, 3
.text:004A0BDB                 mov     ds:word_59BA90, dx
.text:004A0BE2                 mov     edx, [eax+0F010h]
.text:004A0BE8                 mov     [esp+4], ecx
.text:004A0BEC                 mov     dword ptr [esp], offset aInterruptOnVif ; "Interrupt on VIFcmd: %x (INTC_MASK = %x"...
.text:004A0BF3                 mov     [esp+8], edx
.text:004A0BF7                 call    loc_419C40
.text:004A0BFC                 mov     ecx, ds:dword_58F004
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