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speedball 2100

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i just bought speedball 2100 (pal version) and was hoping i could just pop in the cd and start playing with epsxe.

well, the intro works (very jerky), but then i get a black screen and it's over.

i was looking for info on sb2100 and epsxe on the net but couldn't find any.

any ideas here??

have fun...
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Okay, let's start from beginning. What are your system specs and plugin config info.
does that mean you got it to run or are you just guessing my setup is messed up?
'cause if you got it to run, i can still have hope :)

just for reference: tekken3 runs perfecly in 1280x1024x32

let's see:

dual piii 600
640mb ram

i guess that should be enough from the hardware point of view.

i tried pete's d3d and ogl ver. 1.53 with lots of different settings. no big difference. intro is allways stuttering.

i also tried both of pete's sound plugins. with one of the settings it got a tiny little bit better, not really worth mentioning.

as a cdrom plugin i used pete's 1.7, but this did not work at all, so i switched back to epsxe cdr w2k 1.4.0. with accurate timing or not, does not matter.

funny thing is, even during the (semi) working intro the game does not react to any keypresses at all.

thanks for the help.
have fun...
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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