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Well some speed-up tips for all you ps2 geeks out there. Try 'em and tell me your experience. No Lamers/useless critics. and ..emm.. PCSX2 rocks.

1- If you have got the latest version of GSDX9 .. well make sure to select the "Half Vres", it can fix several graphics problems and will also speed up some games, Example:

Condition: no Half Vres
Tekken5> well after the namco logo, this mini space games jumps up .. it will be displayed twice like a split screen game, and the speed will be slower, also it will show less stuff like the missing energy meter.
Condition: Half Vres
Tekken5> If you select the half vres, after the logo you'll see the mini game the same as it should appear on a real ps2. + the speed will be nearly double and you can see the energy meter etc. (it happened in my case giving +5 fps)

2- Also Try to run the game from an image like ISO or bin from your hard drive instead of running it from the cd/dvd.. it will give you some extra frames p/s.

3- If you want to see all the stuff like a few pixel from a movie.. you better use the default graphic plugin that is I guess GSstaris. In my case when i ran Wild Wild Racing on GSDX9 .. it showed some not-so-nicely-emulated screens having red and black lines.. NOW if you run the same game under GSstaris, you'll have have 40% of those lines but you can watch some parts of the movie , In my case i saw the "made for gamers by gamers" logo of the company in the starting logo movie.

4- For a bit more speed up use any bios but the japanese 1.0 bios. In my case I got about 4 to 7 extra frames with WWR using GSDX9 when i used the 1.6 USA bios. and one more thing.. when i ran the wwr on the 1.0 bios it didn't show any memory card checking screens...but with 1.6 it checks the memory card and then starts the games.

5- now a small list of games that show somthing on my pc with pcsx2 0.7

> Tekken5: The namco logo and then the mini space game.. the emu hangs up where it is supposed to show the starting movie. Some operator sounds can be heard withe PEOPS sound plugin saying "This is not a game" or something like this.. check out urself for more.
> WWE (here comes the pain): some badly emulated pics or movie> then a nice wrestler pics appears.. a black screen after that.
> Wild Wild Racing: The starting movie(not emulated well)> then the start screen> Menus.. The vehicle selection page shows a rather polygonal car. the emu hangs up while loading the upcoming race. The BGM can be heard easily.. and after selecting the car. you can hear the announcer yell "....".
> WTA Tour Tennis. Can go ingame easily .. You can hear the BGM in the Menu.
> The other games dont work well .. Though Shrek2's movie is being tried to emulated but black screens after the unemulaed movie.

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You definitely did a better job than I did. You can also gain fps by using Fixed Pipeline with GSdx9 instead of the Pixel Shaders.

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Speed up... for advanced.

- Disable [VSync] -
1.Executes PS2DIS.
2.Open the main program file(ELF/Sxxx_xxx.xx).
3.push CTRL+G key.
4.Searches for the label of "VSync".

(exam "VSync" label)
0040b030 27bdfff VSync
0040b034 ffbf000
The label is always not "VSync".
"VSync" "VSync2" "sceGsSyncV" etc..

5.It adds a code to pnach file.

The value of fps decreases.
But, the working-speed improves.
(It isn't all-around.
There is possibility to become unstable.)

At your own risk.
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